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The pre-stage of HardenedLinux was started in 2010 and the consequences of hacking journey from “pre-stage” was formed in 2014. We’re a group of free software/firmware/hardware enthusiast, crypto anarchist, cyber security researcher. From an individual’s perspective, it’d be both tragedy and comedy to live in with this technological world. We’re sacrificing our privacy and the possibility of gaining the knowledge of tech product around us, while enjoying the convenience from it. We’re pretty much fucked. Fortunately, free/libre and open source software/firmware/hardware provides an alternative to get our freedom/privacy back in some sense of “cyber”. An option for the individual to protect their “cyber” life and to avoid the collateral damage from cyberwar( between nations) and leechwar( between big corps). Libre fw/fw/hw can offer an individual a possible option for their own defense: If ones are willing to cost some time( learning curves) and money( buying devices), it’d be possible to build your own “bunker” defend yourself. Our goal is to forge the security best practice based on free/libre and open source projects for those who seeks their freedom/privacy in “cyber”. Do not ask what libre sw/fw/hw community can do for you. Ask what you can do for the community. It is more blessed to give than to receive( Acts 20:35).

Every member of h4rdenedzer0 has their own hacking fields, resulting in a diverse and larger knowledge base that might be a little help with develop new toolkit and port the existing great ones( like PaX/Grsecurity for nexus7 2013) to form a set of defense-in-depth solution by the principle of treat-security-as-a-whole. Build security into GNU/Linux-based systems for diverse scenarioes, which might be server, mobile or IoT gateway device. Each of us have a day job for feed ourselves;-) Fortunately, we spend our nightjob/mid-nightjob/dawnjob time try to make this shitty world a little secure.

HardenedLinux的上古阶段最早可追溯到2010年,一系列的hacking journey和各种因素导致了社区于2014年诞生,目前由一群自由软件/固件/硬件狂热分子,密码工程无政府主义(Anarchy翻译成“反权威主义”更准确)和信息安全研究人员组成。从个体的角度,我们处于一个喜剧和悲剧共存的由技术主导的时代,我们接受科技所带来的便利的同时却主动牺牲掉了隐私以及学习在日常生活中使用到的科技产品到底如何运作的可能性。幸运的是,自由软件/固件/硬件提供在网络世界中夺回自由和隐私的可能性,这种可能性可以大大降低网络战争(国家之间)和利益战争(大公司,财团对于隐私的影响)对个体的风险,HardenedLinux社区致力于基于自由软件/固件/硬件打造安全最佳实践,在个体愿意投入一些时间(学习成本)和金钱(购买设备)的前提下,可以借助于HardenedLinux所提供的最佳实践构造自己的堡垒。我们鼓励你贡献自由软件/固件/硬件社区,不要光是索取,施比受更为有福( 师徒行传 20:35)。


btw: Some members of the h4rdenedzer0 are also contributors for DNFWAH ezine.

btw: h4rdenedzer0部分成员也是电子杂志DNFWAH ezine的贡献者。


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