Team: h4rdenedzer0


The h4rdenedzer0 team was formed in 2014 and is a group of free software enthusiasts, anarchists, cyber security researchers. The massive medias would love to hear any stories from offsensive side. Who the hell cares the other side of fence?


Every member of h4rdenedzer0 has their own hacking fields, resulting in a diverse and larger knowledge base that might be a little help with develop new toolkit and port the existing great ones( like PaX/Grsecurity for nexus7 2013) to form a set of deep-in-depth solution by the principle of treat-security-as-a-whole. Build security into GNU/Linux-based systems for diverse scenarioes, which might be server, mobile or IoT gateway device. Each of us have a day job for feed ourselves;-) Fortunately, we spend our nightjob/mid-nightjob/dawnjob time try to make this shitty world a little secure.


btw: Some members of the h4rdenedzer0 are also contributors for DNFWAH ezine.

btw: h4rdenedzer0部分成员也是电子杂志DNFWAH ezine的贡献者。

IRC channel: ##hardenedlinux on FreeNode

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Room: hardenedlinux Server: chat.yax.im